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I had a former high school player, who is now a college student/athlete, contact me about the topic of clubhouse culture and how to create a winning atmosphere inside the locker room. The following is the response that I gave him, and exactly what we are trying to implement in spring training:

Clubhouse culture is really just an extension of the way people treat each other. That is true in the clubhouse or in your own house. Selflessly serving people around you creates a culture of "others-centered" living. The natural clubhouse atmosphere is overrun with self-centered agendas and that will ruin a home or a team.

Encourage the guys to stay far from gossip and backstabbing and force themselves to intentionally search for ways to challenge and encourage others...even the ones that are fighting to take their position. It is amazing how this will create a clubhouse that people enjoy going to, and will stay around to do the extra work.

When it comes down to it, the Golden Rule is really hard to beat. Treat people the way that you want to be treated. Most people, however, never really know what it feels like to be treated like they really want to be treated, so they don't have a good example of how to treat others. The best advice that I can give is to selflessly serve the people around you, with no thought of getting anything in return. Eventually, the contagious nature of your generosity will make its way back to you and a bond of trust will infiltrate your clubhouse.

This will not be an overnight transition. It starts with one person (you) making the effort to do things differently. The right thing is seldom the easy thing, but treat people right and a bond is formed that is hard to break. That is the foundation of a winning team.

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  • Awesome Post

    This applies not only to sports, but to business, and life in general. Anything that involves people working together toward a common goal.
  • Your blog

    Mike, I truly do appreciate the attitude you have and the fact that you have the courage to stand before anyone and be the real person you are. I thank you for not being a 'closet Christian' but a Christian you puts his belief's on the table for others to see and emulate. You are doing a great job as a manager, leader, and Christian example and I truly do appreciate that! You make me proud to have been a Cardinal fan for the last 50 years!! My son has only been a Cardinals fan!
  • helpful

    Your post has really helped crystallize an understanding that has eluded me for years. "Why help others if I'm not being helped?" It's a very passive and self-centered sentiment, and very common in my life. I don't remember either my mother or father "serving" selflessly in our family, and consequently we have a very selfish outlook as adults. My sister's and I are not close, and surely, this is a major reason why. If you don't see a good example of and an importance of purposely serving, it's easy to think that that behavior is just personality or upbringing - not a deliberate choice to serve. Oftentimes, I don't pick up after my kids because I think, "It's their fault, let them pick it up." And yes, they should learn to do this, but my attitude is because I don't want to serve; to get dirty; to be inconvenienced. I just want to be served and to be selfish. Thanks for helping me get a better handle on this, Mike. Thanks for taking the lead and choosing to serve first.
  • Thanks Mike

    This not only applies to the clubhouse, but the schoolhouse as well. I think this will be a great discussion to have with my kiddos as we come back from break!
  • This is solid.

    It's also amazing how much a difficult atmosphere can be altered simply by offering truthful and upbuilding compliments. In any environment.
  • Thank You

    It's so hard in today's environment to pass along the philosophies you believe in. Your blog is so helpful in reinforcing this as we pass the information on to our kids and parents. God Bless
  • Keeping the faith

    Well said by a great leader and obviously an outstanding family man as well.
  • Good work

    I am very proud of Cardinals. You're making a difference everything will be going well.