The Effect of the Manifesto

Across the country, people have been reaching out to Mike with their own stories of how the Manifesto affected them.

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  • Mike, Thanks so much for this

    Mike, Thanks so much for this Manifesto. I'm a lifelong Cardinals fan and love the game a baseball. A love I have shared with my children, especially my 10 year old son Mark. He has played rec. league ball since he was five, and this is his first year playing on a tournament/travel team. It has been a tough decision for us to let him play because of what we had seen from other teams in the past, i.e. the overbearing parents, and many other negatives. However, this year he was invited to join a team of very positive and supportive parents and coaches. I am a firm believer, like you, that it is all about the boys, and not the Dads living through them, and I think that this team is all about the boys and their enjoyment of the great game of baseball. I just want to thank you for being such a good role model for coaches and parents and I have recommend that all those involved with our team read your Manfesto. Thanks once again and Go Redbirds.