2018 Baseball Is Here

​Amazing how despite the single digit temps in St Louis, the crowds came in droves, to launch the 2018 season, at our annual winter warm up. The past month has been pretty brutal in the Midwest, and really, country wide. I’m guessing that’s why fans can’t help but start thinking about spring,...and baseball.

I truly want to thank all of those fans, not just of the Cards, or baseball, but all the fans out there who have continued to follow this site, despite not having up to date postings. I was blown away when I heard from our website manager that the site was temporarily shut down. It wasn’t shut down from a lack of activity, but the opposite. We weren’t equipped to handle the 10,000 weekly visitors to the site, that were looking for something to help them, either as a coach, parent, or athlete. I actually shouldn’t limit our followers to just athletics, as we are getting multiple responses from people from every walk of life, and whose families are involved in all extracurricular activities.

In light of all that, our website is ready to handle the extra traffic, I’m ready to give some of my opinions to the questions you are asking, and most importantly, I’m ready for the great challenge of helping to develop a championship caliber team, that displays the kind of character, resilience, and fight, that has been synonymous with our brand.

I will do my best to keep up with frequent posts that will answer some of the questions and concerns that come to this site, so keep them coming. What you can expect, is what I tell our players I expect from them, when it comes to social media. If your words promote the game, our team, teammates, and others, it is probably worthwhile to post. If it is about building up you and YOUR brand, don’t post it. If your words are intended to bring someone else down, another team, or another person, keep those thoughts to yourself, and let's talk about them outside of the public eye. Life isn’t all sunshine and roses, so we will occasionally address some tough topics, but I will do my best to address these topics and still keep a positive, teaching, growing mindset. I believe our reactions to our circumstances are more powerful than the circumstances themselves, so stay tuned.

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