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Matheny Manifesto
I have had many questions lately about the book I recently wrote and its' availability.  For those of you who had no idea a book was in the picture, let me give you a little background.  I am very well aware that I have not been around long enough to write a book about being a successful manager, and that is not the aim of this project.  The genesis of the concept came from a letter I wrote to a group of youth baseball parents who asked if I would coach their team.  My response was very direct and I listed out some non negotiables that I believe many parents and coaches at the youth level are missing the mark on.  The letter somehow hit the internet and went viral.  Not long after social media helped send this letter around the world, I was given the job as manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.  A Cinderella story of "Little League to the Big Leagues" caught the attention of some book writers and so the concept was started.
I was very fortunate to have an incredible co author agree to help with this book.  Jerry Jenkins has published over 200 books and has a long list of dignitaries, in and out of the sports world, with whom he has worked in the past.  Some of his prior projects include books with Nolan Ryan, Herschel Walker, Orel Hershiser, Joe Gibbs and Billy Graham, as well as being co-author of the famous "Left Behind" series.  Once again, this distinguished group of men all had incredible stories to tell of their long and successful careers.  My story is of a different nature.
The letter I wrote became known as the Matheny Manifesto, at no doing of my own.  I still don't know how that name was given to it, but somehow, it stuck.  After we came to an agreement with one of the strongest book publishing houses in the world, Crown/Random House, they set out on making "The Matheny Manifesto" a reality.  Much of my writing was done in the off season, and many of the blog posts were used as chapter headings and talking points.  It was nice to use social media to find out when I struck a nerve with the blog followers, and then tried to take some of my experiences, along with those of others inside a Major League Clubhouse, to help young parents and coaches who seemed to be missing the point of youth sports.  
I believe we are all given platforms, big and small, and should be responsible when given opportunities to maximize those platforms.  I am very proud of how this project turned out  and truly believe that some of my stories and experiences may help aspiring young athletes and their families as they chase their dreams.
The book is available for pre order now and the release of the hardback will be on February 3, 2015.  I will be doing a special launch event for the book at Lindenwood University's J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts on February 2nd.  For tickets or more information click here.  
Here are a couple things people are saying about the book:
“You win, or in this case, lose, with class.  With integrity.  You play hard.  You play smart.  You respect yourself, your teammates, your opponents, and your craft.  It’s a game and it should be fun.  It’s a business, and those realities are there, too.  But it can be more than just that.  It can, at least for some, be an expression of principles…. In many ways, Matheny’s still new, but already extremely successful, tenure with the Cardinals is an ongoing example of those principles writ large.”
—From the afterword by Bob Costas
“The Matheny Manifesto illustrates a perspective we need not only in youth sports, but in our culture as a whole. By teaching the importance of respect, character, and a team-first approach, Mike Matheny gives our kids, and those who set an example for them, a positive outlook on healthy competition—and demonstrates how the most powerful lessons of baseball apply to their futures beyond the diamond.”
—Joe Torre
“Readers agree there are ‘must read ‘ books.  The Matheny Manifesto, inspired by Mike's letter is one and much more. After you read it, you ‘must consider’  and then  ‘must act’ on its core principles—principles that benefit coaches, parents, success seekers, and especially young players.”
—Tony La Russa
“I once told Mike Matheny that if I ever became a big league manager, I’d want to manage just like he does. The Matheny Manifesto will show you why. Mike approaches the game as the ultimate competitor, but totally with class and dignity.”
—Orel Hershiser, Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster, 18-year big league pitcher, Cy Young Award winner, World Series champion
“The Matheny Manifesto is mandatory reading for coaches, parents, and athletes of every age. The book is packed with winning insights and practical advice for all to use. A powerful read!”
—Pat Williams, Orlando Magic co-founder and senior vice president

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  • Reaction to the book

    Thank you Mr. Matheny for sharing your stories, insight passion and wisdom. We are fortunate that our boy, an 11 y/o catcher, plays in a program that is applying about most of what you advocate in this book. Apparently it is no coincidence that the best coaches we have found for our boy are both ex-pro and major D1, catchers and both Christians; one of whom was in the Cardinals system and the other in the Diamondbacks system. Both are now coaching at the college, high school and youth levels in Southern California. Raising young men in our modern culture is a challenge and I pray your book will be a cornerstone of a movement to the values of times past when boys were raised to men, not old boys. My wife and I often feel alone in trying teach and instill many of the character traits you describe and reference in your book. We are getting to a point where men like John Wooden are unknown to the majority of parents of young athletes. So thank you for sharing your experiences, wisdom and insight. - Heavenly Father, Thank You for inspiring Mr. Matheny to write the letter to those parents, may many families, coaches and young athletes be blessed by the adaptation of the ideals put forth in this book and may those who don't know you, soften their hearts to your will for their young athletes. In Jesus' name.
  • The book

    Mike, fantastic book. It has already made a difference in our family and I'm hoping our team. I bought two books, one for my son's coach and one for the president of Showcase Baseball Academy in Matthews, NC. SBA does many of the things you outline in your book and I'm hoping they will read your book and adopt more from the manifesto. As a parent I also leaned so much and intend on adopting everything that is in your book. My 10 year old son is deep into the book and is loving it. I intend on recommending it to every parent I can. I really hope you come out with an audio version. Some people just don't read too much but I feel they would listen to a book.
  • Coaching Philosophy

    Sounds just like the Pappa Joe philosphy, Joe Hayden coach of the Midland Redskinds of Cincinnati Ohio. RIP Joe. Mike was associate with Joe and the Redskins and saw what that philosophy can do in shaping young men. Those that played for the Redskins turned into fine young men and leaders. In 60 plus of these young men played in the Major Leagues. But all of these guys were "Joes Boys" whether they played in the Bigs or not. He treated them all the same after leaving the Redskins. Mike learned well.