Choose your friends wisely

First game of the season, and I am very excited to watch our guys take it to the next level. The workouts leading up to the games usually seem to last forever, and the guys are chomping at the bit to start playing. Not so much this year. We have had fewer days to get ready, but we are still at the point of having their bodies prepared to compete. It will be a challenge this year to get some of our guys ready for the World Baseball Classic, and to not get our other players peaked too soon. It is over a week earlier than we started last year, and spring training in general is very long anyhow. I will have to really pace the majority of our club so they don't get burnt out.
On this blog, I want to share some of the things that I have been talking to the guys about before we head out onto the field.The topic today was "Choose your friends wisely." The point that I wanted them to hear was that I believe the friends that we choose can either make us or break us. I challenged them to define the friendships that they have, and whether they have people in their lives that make them better, or if they are spending their time with people that are not helping them go in the direction they dream of going. It is a hard truth, but if they say that they are not willing to sever ties with the friends that are dragging them down, then they are lying to themselves about how badly they want to achieve their goals. I gave them the visual demonstration that if I stand up on a chair in the middle of the clubhouse, would it be easier for me to pull a friend up on the chair with me, or for my so called friend to pull me down? I think they got the point.

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