The Coach is Always Right?

Unfortunately, we have too many recent examples of how people in leadership positions have taken advantage of their positions and have committed some unthinkable things against kids in our country. With that being said, I realize that we as parents need to be very careful about who we entrust our kids to, and what is going on in those relationships everyday. Once we have made sure that our kids are safe, I do believe that we have a responsibility to support the coaches and teachers that are influencing our kids.

One of the greatest lessons that my parents taught me, was that my teachers and coaches are always right...even when they are wrong. I know for certain that there were times that my parents felt like I was not being treated fairly, and it had to hurt them. The impressive thing about them, was that I never heard them talk negatively about any of my coaches or teachers. They kept up to speed on what was going on and what was being said, but never voiced their negative thoughts, that would have certainly influenced how I viewed my situation. They were teaching me a respect for authority that I would never forget.

I did witness some parents who took a different route and looked for any and every opportunity to jump down a coaches throat, when something didn't go perfectly for their child. It seemed like those poor kids just went from team to team every year in search of the "perfect" coach. The problem is, there is no such thing.

I believe that today, there is very little respect given to the coaches and teachers of our kids. As parents, we are quick to defend our kids and voice our disapproval during the car ride home after the game, or at the dinner table. How can we expect our kids to return to the team/classroom and not do the exact same thing that we just did? If we as parents show disrespect to the decisions that are being made in our kids lives, why should we expect them to respect any authority figure?

The long term problem is that our kids may not learn to cope with being treated unfairly, and the truth is, life is just unfair at times. How we handle those instances of being treated unfairly, can set our kids up for success if we recognize the teaching opportunity.

The last point is this...Hopefully us coaches/teachers will realize when we have wronged the people that are entrusted to us, and we go out of our way to ask for forgiveness. But that is another topic altogether.


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    Spot on Mike. I've been guilty of this and your lenses help me be a better parent. Life is not fair. One of my favorite quotes I've heard as a parent/Christian is,"Life is not fair. Christianity is not fair.There is nothing fair about Jesus Christ dying for our sins!" God is in control, even down to the Little League level!
  • I suppose if the only way to

    I suppose if the only way to discuss differences of opinion is to "jump down their throats" you'd be right. But maybe it's more important to teach our children that adults can discuss and resolve differences in a calm, respectful manner and that we don't have to accept wrongs done to us simply because we aren't in a position of power. We can say someone is wrong without saying they're stupid, can't we? If we stop questioning authority, how do we prevent another Mai Lai massacre or another Nazi Germany? I agree with you that respect is the key, and I *respectfully* disagree with the rest of your argument. Thanks for listening.
  • Always good advice

    RESPECT is always earned. Both as a player and a coach, great job Mike.
  • Coaches/teachers

    This is such a true statement! Love it and should be mandatory to read at every single grade school, middle school, and high school in the country! Very very well said! P.S. GO CARDS!!!
  • One time coach and parent

    Hey Mike, u r exactly right. Kids and sports players should respect their teachers and coaches. It makes them better students and players, and allows them to go farther in life.
  • Thank you

    This is the way we raised our girls thru about fifteen years of competitive sports and it has served them well in their adult lives. Thank you for sharing.
  • As a coach and also a parent,

    As a coach and also a parent, I have been on both sides of this. Thanks for sharing this insightful piece. It hits home once you read it and really take it to heart. I will think twice before talking about my daughters teammates or coaches again! Very important to realize how much time VOLUNTEERS give to our kids and they deserve more respect...
  • Thanks, man

    Mike, thank you for sharing your thoughts like this. As a dad to two boys, and a Cards fan, it is a very cool thing to hear your thoughts on topics such as these. Thank you.