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Had a good conversation with Jim Leyland today as we prepared to play against the Tigers. I have a great amount of respect for Jim and how he approaches the game. During my years as a Cardinal player, Jim was an advanced scout for us and was a great resource for us as we put our game plans together in the middle of the season. I enjoy listening to the people who have a great eye for talent, and also understand the intangibles that are necessary for a winning team.

I remember watching Jim and his son, Patrick, work out in our cages during spring training. Patrick is now in the Tigers spring camp and has a bright future as a catcher. I thought that an interview with Jim would be interesting for our followers, and he agreed. Keep your eyes open on this site, as I will post portions of that interview and some ideas regarding youth sports, according to the manager of the Tigers.

I also want to make sure that you check in the next couple days to hear some of the thoughts of Joe Girardi. Joe had some great things to say to youth sports parents and coaches and just some good reminders for all of us. I sometimes take for granted the incredibly wise people that I spend time around in this business, and I am grateful that they share in the passion of passing on the things that have been taught to them.

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  • Im trying out for the team

    Im trying out for the team and yes i am going to be a fehrsman. What should i expect to see from the tryouts, how should i get noticed? Any tips or experince with tryouts would be appreciated. I really want to at least make the fehrsman team, its 4 days or of tryouts and i want to show them what i got, most likely i will be in the back since i am 5'2 lol. I am such a fast learner when it comes to volleyball, so do you think the coaches will notice that?