Congrats To Our All-Stars

Just a quick note to the social media world, to congratulate the 6 members of our squad who will represent the Cardinals in New York for the All-Star game. Carlos Beltran, Yadier Molina, Allen Craig, Matt Carpenter, Adam Wainwright and Edward Mujica will all be a part of the festivities.

We couldn't have a better group to represent our team, our city and the game of baseball. They are the kind of players that you would want your kids emulating and watching.

As proud as we are of these 6 guys, we also know that a handful of others on our team have played well enough to be acknowledged at the All-Star game, but there are only so many spaces. The best thing about this group, is how much they want to win, and do their part for the team. This is usually how it works. The players that are playing the game the right way and not concerned with their individual achievements, look back at the end of the day and have won the admiration and respect of their teammates and also have the individual accolades as an added bonus.

Congrats guys and enjoy every minute of this great honor.

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  • Cardinal All Stars

    So proud of our All-Stars and all of our Cardinals who are in first place!! Have fun guys in NYC!!
  • Well deserved praise, for

    Well deserved praise, for those selected and those who were not. I am proud that the men on my favorite team [including the manager and coaches] are worthy of being watched and emulated by children-- and adults too. I hope those at the All Star Game take the time to enjoy their special recognition, and that their families are able to be with them.
  • Congratulating our All Stars

    I don't think anyone could have said it any better than you have. Thanks for being such a Star of a Coach!!!!
  • Congratulations !

    What a great group of young men! As lifelong STL Cardinal fans I can honestly say I have never been more proud of a team. Not just their amazing skills and winning record, but, off the field. These young men make us proud because of their character. This also includes you, Mr. Matheny. Thank you for your leadership and for recognizing and rewarding excellence of character as well as excellence of skill and talent. Thanks also to Mr Mozeliak for his support of this great team! God bless our STL Cards and enjoy the ASG and break.