Contentment is the foundation for future failures

Yesterday was the first day of the spring where I felt that the guys were getting a little worn down. We haven't been here that long, but their bodies are still getting accustomed to the demands of getting into "baseball shape." I try my best to watch the overall tempo of our workouts, and try to make adjustments to our schedule to keep the guys interested and engaged. I have pounded them with the idea of "growth" this season, as that has been a topic that I have been thinking about when I think about our group. When you have a team that just won the World Series in 2011, and then gets one game away from the World Series in 2012, you wonder what it will take to keep these guys pushing to be their best. I am confident that the concept of continual growth and a non stop focus on getting better, is the answer. If we, as a team, have the focus of using each day to get better, and then have a plan in place that will daily walk us through the "how to," then we are maximizing our efforts each day. The opposite would be a group that just rested on our previous accomplishments and that is the breeding ground for contentment, and contentment is the foundation for future failures. This is a great challenge for our club, but the balance is not pushing so hard that the guys get worn out too soon. A long spring, and a long season ahead.

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