Getting ramped up for the 2013 season

The day before we open camp to the pitchers and catchers. The guys have figured it out that there is a huge advantage to getting down a little early and getting acclimated to the weather and for the young guys to get a little extra look from the coaches.

All of the coaches are now here in camp, as we had a staff meeting to go over all of the players that will be in spring with us. A pretty impressive group of young talent, mixed with a well decorated group of veterans to lead. The meeting went well and we welcomed in our new assistant hitting coach, Benji Molina and our new bullpen coach, Blaise Ilsley. They will fit in well with our group. The meeting went well and there are plenty of reasons for Cardinal fans to be excited about the upcoming season. Man do we have some power arms coming up through the system, and a few position players that have a chance to be impact players...this should be a fun spring.

I absolutely love spring training, aside from the fact that I am away from my family. I had an incredible off season with my wife and kids. We had our share of issues to deal with, but the strength and resiliency that they have shown has made me so proud. I have said it many times, and will say it again..."The measure of a person cannot normally be seen in their successes, but how they gracefully walk through the trials."

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