Greg Hauck Talks "Strong Arm" And "Long Toss"

Greg Hauck

(Click image for video). Greg Hauck, Trainer for the St. Louis Cardinals, talks about a "Strong Arm" and the "Long Toss"

Hauck: The idea of a “strong arm” is a misnomer in my perspective. People don’t have a “strong arm.” They have a strong core around them: their legs, their abdominal region, their lower back – all that is what is going to develop and help the arm to become strong and throw a ball hard.

So, to say “I’ve got to do all this stuff to make my arm strong”…well, you need to work everything from your shoulders on down initially – that is where you’re going to get the strength from.

Question: Would you advise a parent on drills – long-tossing, those kinds of things?

Hauck: Yes, I think as you get to the older athletes – I’m talking 15, 16, on up – long toss a couple times a week is good. The key with long toss though is controlling the volume. The tendency is to get out long distances – 120 to 300 feet – and then throw as many as you can.

No, the key is that once you get there, throw five or six. Then, come back in and finish up with what we call “flag round” – which is about sixty feet – and just work on pitching mechanics, for those that pitch.

But if you do too much, then you’re predisposing yourself to arm injury.

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  • Perfect

    I've been trying to tell my 15 year old this - great to read it from an expert. I will be sure to share this with him!