Joe Girardi on Youth Sports

Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi, Manager of the New York Yankees shares some thoughts on youth sports (Click image for video).

"Hi. I’m Joe Girardi of the New York Yankees. Here are some of my thoughts on youth sports, on

I think the most important thing for kids is that they enjoy what they’re doing, and that they have a passion for the sport that they’re playing. Or, “sports” – I’m a big proponent of kids playing more than one sport and not playing (just one) year round. Because, as professional athletes, we take time off from a certain sport. Whether it’s throwing, or if you’re a hitter you take time off from taking swings.

So, I think for kids, I think they should play a lot of sports and find out what they love."

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  • Feel the "love"

    What takes the "love" of the sport out of sports is to find out you wait all week to play and just warm the bench. All this and the coach's kid pitches or plays his position every game.