Joe Mauer Gives Advice to Young Catchers

Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer Gives Advice to Young Catchers (Click image for video)

"Obviously, being a catcher, the number one thing to do is to catch the ball before you do anything!

Further, I would say that you’re going to want to be a good example for your other teammates. The catcher is one of the two positions where everybody on the field is looking at you. So, you can set a good example by working hard and hustling – really setting the tone for your team.

So, I would say you should work hard. A catcher is kind of like the quarterback out there, so you have to set a good example."

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    Thanks for the advice Joe! My 10 year old is passionate about playing catcher and I really appreciate you sharing! Your advice is good because Cather is such a key position for any team. It's hard! You have to be involved in the pitching game, scouting and evalutating the other teams' batters, the fielding game, etc. It's a pleasure to see great catchers in action! Thanks for your advice. Would love to hear more when you can!
  • Your thoughts and ideas

    Hey Mike, my name is Rob Morrison. I found your blog while watching the Cards Cubs game today (July 15), which they mentioned during a commercial break. I really enjoyed what you had to say about youth sports and life in general. Thanks for the read and good luck with the rest of the season. Rob
  • Catcher

    Thanks for sharing the video and for everything you do. My son wants to be a catcher and I'll be sure to show this to him. By the way, I'm sorry you got tossed last night at the Cubs game. I guess you know by now, Soriano did catch that ball.