John Mabry Shares Advice for Parents and Coaches

John Mabry

John Mabry, Hitting Coach for the St. Louis Cardinals, shares advice for youth parents and coaches. (Click image for video).

Mabry: “A lot of times we get caught up in winning, instead of teaching the process. The process, essentially, is what creates winning.
It is not a “win at all costs” mentality – throw a kid until he’s in danger of getting hurt or playing same kids at the same positions all the time.
It’s about generating love for the game and getting guys genuinely excited about playing the sport. And, the more they know about the sport – the reasons why things happen the way they do and why they should be in positions that they are … generating that fun creates a love for the game. And [emphasizing] the winning aspect of it too much, doesn’t.”

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  • Hey Mr. Mabry,

    Hey Mr. Mabry, I'm a college baseball player and this season, I've been getting a number of pinch hit at bats. However, I have been struggling and I feel like its because I don't see a pitch since batting practice. What tips or suggestions to have about the approach and method to pinch hitting? Thanks for the help! Go Cards!
  • Peter, focus on the mental

    Peter, focus on the mental part of the at bat not the fact that you haven't seen a pitch since batting practice. Don't put any greater importance on the at bat, for example, it's not 2 outs bottom of the ninth against the other teams closer. It is your first at bat of the day and you are competing against yourself to stay with your game plan whatever it happens to be. Get a good game plan first. Like "get a strike, hit hard this pitch" focus on that every pitch, not who you are facing or when you saw your last pitch. Hope it helps.