Leaders Are Learners

We won our first game of the spring today, and it is always to get in the win column. I explained it to the guys this morning that we set our priorities for the spring as follows 1) Their health 2) Prepare them for the season, and figure out who our 25 best are 3) Begin competing. I told them that I truly believe that we develop a mentality about winning and losing, even in spring training. If we aren't careful, losing can creep it's way into being a habit. Fortunately, the opposite is also true, and that is the expectation we have around here. We don't do it at the cost of the other 2 priorities, but we want to make sure that these guys believe that winning is an attitude and an expectation.
I have challenged the guys lately to take up the hobby of reading. I believe that we all have areas in our lives that we need to display leadership, and I also believe that leaders are learners, and that leaders are readers. I am going to continue through the season to give them some good books that will challenge all of us in all aspects of our lives. The first book that the guys are reading is "Mind Gym," by Gary Mack. John Jay brought this book to our attention, so the coaches and I are going to read it and then pass some of our favorites on to the players. I have been reading a book on Abraham Lincoln, and I have been very challenged by the leadership he displayed in the most challenging time period of our nations history. Good stuff.

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  • Suggested Readings

    Completely agree on the need for a suggested reading list!!
  • Would love to see a suggested

    Would love to see a suggested readings section. There's so much out there and it would be great to see a list of favorites. I'm especially interested in top reads in Mental Approach at the plate, on the mound, and in the field. Thanks again for the blog.