Let the Journey Begin -2014

Spring is here...at least in south Florida, and the excitement of spring training, and the anticipation of another baseball season couldn't be higher. The fans are starting to show up and all the players are in prime condition. The hot stove analysts have broken down every move that every team has made or hasn't, and their predictions are read and taken as gospel truth. For now, that is all the watching baseball world has.

That is not the case for a group of 57 players, and a small army of coaches and support staff, known as the St Louis Cardinals. We are starting all over, at the basic fundamentals of what it takes to become a team. This is the single most important item on our to-do list this spring. Yes, we do need to get the guys in playing shape, and we also need to carefully choose the best group of 25 players (note that I did not say the 25 best players), but it is more important to begin the framework of TEAM. Team is the mindset that "we is bigger than me" and I must do my part as well as I possibly can, to bring about the best possible results for the group. The fact that we are all dressed the same, does not instantly make us a team. It just makes for a lot of red. A "team" happens when we choose a group that is motivated toward individual and collective excellence, with the focus on our common goal. Our common goal has a lot to do with what we can accomplish, and a lot to do with how we go about our business on a minute by minute basis.

It is an honor for each of us to put on the Cardinal uniform and to try to uphold the tradition and expectation of this great organization. We are anticipating some successes and some struggles. Some victories and some hard fought defeats. But one thing is for certain, we are going to take this journey together, shouldering each other's struggles, and set backs, and celebrating the small and large victories as one unit with one common heartbeat. We will not do this flawlessly, but with a confident humility and a style of play that will make Cardinal nation proud of their TEAM. Let the Journey begin.

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  • Go Cards!

    I have been a devoted Cardinals fan since 1946. My dad and I watched the Cardinals win over the Red Sox in the 1946 World Series. I've seen the Cardinals through thick and this. Never in those 68 years have I been more excited about the makeup of the team and management working together than this year. Thanks for your leadership, Mike Matheny, and your team orientation. I'm looking forward to a BIG year.
  • Can't wait to come down to

    Can't wait to come down to Spring Training ! So excited for the new season.
  • You are an amazing coach and

    You are an amazing coach and we have a very special team. Thank you Mike for all of your hard work and for your love of our Lord!
  • Opening Day

    Can't wait till opening day at Busch! I love what you do and how you coach! I think how you handled the twitter incident was well done.
  • See you in St. Louis

    I've watched the team members everyday during spring training. It has been a joy to see how each person goes about their work, hustling to their next drill, seeing guest coaches take time with individuals. I've watched you talk with the pitchers and catchers after each BP session. I've seen the coaches drill the position players on fielding and hitting. I saw the 'elder' players passing on hints to the youngsters and imparting veteran wisdom. Every moment was used to share, improve, build up, and encourage each other. I was impressed by every experience being POSITIVE. I have no doubt you are the reason. I have all the confidence in the world that you have the tools and playing talent to take the "team" all the way this year. You now have the unenviable job of choosing the mix who will work to make a team. Thank you Coach, for all you do. God bless you as you do that work through the rest of the spring. Thanks for the spring training memories, and I look forward to what the season will bring.
  • Thank you!

    Dear Mike Cardinals team, and I am not refer just players, have other member in Guatemala, I have followed Cards since 1980 and I am so proud of all of you. Thank you so much for your work I'm sure you'll have your reward. I am anxious to watch my Cards playing again!
  • Welcome back!

    Welcome back, Coach Matheny - your blog is great and only adds to me being an already-loyal lifelong Cardinal fan. With my boys going into their third and fifth years of actively play the game, the baseball season as a whole takes on a much bigger significance. It has been great to see them grow not only in the technical aspects but also from developing life skills - friendships, confidence, sportsmanship, etc. Keep sending us parents important reminders about what this is all about. And of course, GO CARDS!