Matheny Manifesto Book Launch Event

The Matheny Manifesto

The Matheny Manifesto book launch event is at 7pm on February 2nd at Lindenwood University's J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts in St. Charles. For $27 you receive an autographed book, admission to the event hosted by Greg Amsinger from the MLB Network and a photo taken with Mike by a professional photographer that you can download after the event. for tickets or more information.

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    Started reading the book tonight, I'm not a fast reader by any means. Read the first 4 chapters and I'm so excited to read the rest. For years, I have been a youth coach and I wish I had this when I started. Mr. Matheny has nailed exactly what it took me a few years to figure out. All these parents want to spend there hard earned money on kids sports. They want to run all over the country so little Johnny or Jenny gets noticed. The fact is 99.9% will never play the sport passed high school or college at best. Parents give money to these big youth organizations and some washed up minor league ball player lines his pockets and tells them their kid is going to be the next Pujols or Pele or Lebron. In actuality, all they really want is the $$$$$$$$. Thanks Mike for giving us parents that know how to teach and how to coach a great handbook.
  • Matheny Manifesto

    This is a great book. All parents with kids in sports should read it. Not only that but it's nice to see a good Christian man at the realm of such a great organization as the St. Louis Cardinals. he is an example for all the world to see. Thank you, Mike, for your Christian influence of players, coaches, staff, and fans.
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    Is there a chance to get an autographed book? My grandson has been coached by Dave LaPoint, and Ozzie Canseco. He lives in Florida and is a huge Cardinal fan, as his mother was raised here near STL. Both men have taught him a lot of wonderful traits that should be taught to young people in sports. I would love to surprise him with the book!!
  • book launch event

    thank you for your insight and inspiration at Lindenwood last night. You are an eloquent and engaging speaker. The time you took with everyones questions was admirable. Even Wes, who wondered if you really managed the Cardinals! Thanks for sharing your evening with Cardinal Nation.