Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, and a special thank-you to the baseball moms. As I talk to the players on this team and on others, they are quick to point out how their moms were incredible supporters of their baseball career, and how none of us would have made it to the big leagues without their help.

As a parent, I now understand the incredible commitment and sacrifice that moms make to help their kids achieve their dreams. I will never forget how many weekends my parents spent traveling to cities all over the country to watch me play, and to cheer me on. They put my interests ahead of their own, and gave me the opportunity to reach for something that others told me that I couldn't.

For many of us, our dads were the ones who spent hours on end throwing batting practice and teaching us the game of baseball. But, it always seems like the moms out there are the ones with undying faith in their aspiring ball player, and the one with the right encouraging word at the right time. There is just something beautiful about the unconditional love of a mother. Four hits, or four strike outs, mom is always there with acceptance and understanding. So, today, we honor all the Moms out there who have supported all of us "baseballers," no matter what the level, and a big "Thank You" for believing in us.

To the kids out there who are reading this, make sure that you go out of your way today and thank your moms for allowing you to play the sport you love. It is a privilege, and not a right.

To the overgrown kids like myself, I hope that we still have the chance to properly thank our mothers for all the Gatorades, hot dogs in between double headers, and hugs that only a baseball mom can give.

Happy Mother's Day moms!

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  • Very nice.

    Well said Mike. Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you, Mom

    Well said. I would like to add how crucial Moms are to a rehabbing athlete and say "Thank You" to my Mom for what she did for me. Her calm demeanor when I got injured and her encouragement while undergoing physical therapy made all the difference for me.
  • Baseball Mom x 2

    I've always said there is a special place in heaven for us Moms that get those white baseball pants clean for the next game...Thanks for the shout out!
  • Mother's Day

    This is so true, Mike!! Thanks for posting this!!
  • mike

    After reading this, just confirms you are a FANTASTIC man. God Bless you
  • Wives

    Nice word Mike. It is so true. Without all the wonderful moms, where would baseball be today. God Bless them one and all.