Opening Day in St. Louis

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Every year I’m asked why our home opener is so revered. The truth is, every big league ballpark in the country has a special day, when the boys of summer make their way home from Florida and Arizona. The idea of spring baseball helps melt the remaining snow in the extreme north cities, and it just seems like the world is given a breath of fresh air when baseball finally arrives. All fans are excited about their team, whether they’re picked to finish at the top or are still in a rebuilding phase. Baseball is back, and most days, at 7:05, there will be a good option on the radio or television.

But somehow St. Louis makes our home opener extra special.

The entire city basically shuts down when Busch Stadiums' gates open for the first time. It’s no surprise that former Cardinal Ozzie Smith has been spearheading a movement to acknowledge opening day as a national holiday, because in St. Louis nobody is at work anyhow.

The day starts with festivities outside the ballpark: parades, concerts, tailgate parties, and more red paraphernalia than you thought possible. With front page coverage and every news channel locked into hot topics surrounding the team, anyone other than a baseball fan must be frustrated at the lack of news about life in the real world.

When the crowd is allowed into the stadium, the wagon gate opens to some of the most majestic animals created: the Clydesdales, pulling the beautiful Budweiser wagon with its polished brass and Dalmatian rider. The horses are meticulously groomed for the trip around the warning track, and their sheer size makes you wonder if they're real. Looking up at the huge beasts from the dugout, you can't help but take a couple steps back in case they choose another course.

The opposing team has to get tired of waiting around when the cars and trucks line up in the bowels of the stadium, each player with his name on one which will take a slow lap around the track, allowing fans an up close look at the new team. The fans yell out to their favorites and make them feel like they’ve already accomplished something. The first time I experienced this as a player I couldn't help but think how crazy it was and how out of control it would be if they were celebrating a team that won the whole thing. I've witnessed it from a distance and continue to look forward to being a part of such a parade.

As the players are introduced to the crowd, the best part of the day happens near home plate. A long line of distinguished guests shake hands with the players and coaches, wishing us luck with upholding the traditions of the organization. To think that Schoendienst, Gibson, Brock, Herzog, Sutter, Ozzie, and now, LaRussa are waiting to shake OUR hands is completely humbling. The first time I walked through that procession and shook the hand of the great Stan Musial, I began to truly realize why opening day in St. Louis is so special.

Tradition, history, legends, and a passionate fan base make this day, and this city, unique.

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  • Home Opener

    This is a wonderful day of celebration - exemplifying what "Cardinal Nation" is all about! And, Mike Matheny, you exemplify what it is that makes all of us fans proud to be Cardinal fans! I loved watching you as a catcher and I love watching you manage. After reading your manifesto for the first time, I realize even more why I respect you as a person as well!! May you all have a wonderful season! I REALLY enjoy watching the Cardinals play!
  • Home Opener

    Thank you for your take on our city's tradition. Thank you for "getting" our relationship with our team. Thank you for all you do to uphold the Cardinal tradition of excellence. I look forward to watching you and our boys this season. Enjoy your special day!
  • Home Opener

    I am so excited to see the many wins this boys of summer are officially back!!!
  • This was a great Blog and I

    This was a great Blog and I think Mike Matheny is the best of the best!!!! Thank you for the best blog that i have read!
  • Enjoy it!

    There is much people like me wanted to be there today and can not, so all you enjoy it so much! Greetings from Guatemala!

  • nothing like it

    Matheny had been eloquent as he describes opening day. I can't be as gentle....Opening day in St. Louis is OFF THE CHAIN! And when we keep producing winning teams, it's that much better! Go Cards!!
  • Welcome Back

    Well said, sir. You and the boys of summer enjoy your big day!
  • Cardinals Opening Day.

    That is how it is done in St Louis. A very special place for baseball that is unmatched by any other MLB city.