Physical and Mental Toughness

We had a very ugly game today against the Twins. Right from the start, they were swinging the bats very well, with many hard hit ground balls making their way through the infield. My concern was not with the score, as much as with the energy level. Another cold and windy day in Florida, and I am amazed at how the weather is effecting the crowd, as much as the players. It is just dead here. The atmosphere is usually buzzing with excitement, but I think that this little cold snap, and the fact that the home team was having trouble even getting a baserunner on, made for a bad combination. I have always admired how the Minnesota Twins have played the game. From the days of Tom Kelly and now on to Ron Gardenhire, the Twins have always been the kind of team that focused on doing the little things right. A very fundamentally sound, and disciplined team. These are things that we aspire, and work very hard to achieve ourselves.

One of the biggest topics in camp right now seems to be the fact that my back is messed up. I hate being a distraction around here, but I have not been able to hide it very well since I can't move well. With that in mind, I had a chance to do some self reflection and realized that I needed to apologize to the guys. Without realizing it, I found myself guilty of what I just got all over them energy and excitement. I told them that we cannot take one day in this uniform for granted, and I just wasted a couple. It is amazing how we can let our circumstances effect how we go about our lives...if we let them.

I talked to the guys about toughness this morning and how we should have a physical and mental toughness in how we compete, that overcomes any outside distractions. Regardless of how I may feel, I have the option of not letting it effect how I invest my day and how I impact people. I better be careful that I am practicing what I am preaching.

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