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One of the questions that has come through the website is about the pitching staff that we will have in AAA, Memphis. We are still in the process of finalizing our roster in St Louis, but there is a talented group of young prospects that could end up in AAA. Pop Warner had to fight through a season last year, where we kept taking his young talented arms, to help us in St Louis. In the meanwhile, Mike Shildt in AA Springfield was enjoying the reward of his teams' hard work and benefit of some of our organizations top pitching prospects. The end result was a Texas League Championship for Shildt and the Springfield Cardinals.

The good news for Pop Warner and the Memphis fans, is that many of those same arms are on the way to see them. It has been a great compliment to the organization, to receive all the accolades that have come their way, in the development department. Many publications believe our minor league system to be as strong as any other. Much of this is attributed to our pool of young pitchers.

Some names that you may have seen in the box scores during spring training are (in no particular order) Michael Blazek, Sam Freeman, Kevin Seigrist, Seth Manness, Michael Wacha, Mikael Cleto, Eduardo Sanchez, Tyler Lyons, John Gast, Erik Fornataro, Jorge Rondon, Barrett Browning, Keith Butler, Victor Marte. This group, that goes along with some already familiar names like Joe Kelly, Shelby Miller, and Trevor Rosenthal. We haven't even seen the top prospect in the group, Carlos Martinez, due to visa issues. An impressive list of starters and relievers that are ready, or close to ready to compete at the AAA level, and some, are close to being ready for the big leagues. Much to be excited about for Cardinal fans in Memphis and in St Louis.

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  • Looking forward to some

    Looking forward to some Memphis Redbirds baseball at Autozone Park. Nothing like a live game ! And then seeing some of those Redbirds become Cardinals. Cycle of life - the Cardinals Way.
  • Congratulations on shaping up

    Congratulations on shaping up the rotation with Shelby Miller as #5. I really do think it was the right move. And I would like to say that Joe Kelly shouldn't be disappointed in any way just because he is in the pen. There are concerns about ALL of the starters. Be it Garcia's or Wainwright's or Westy's health OR Miller's or Lynn's durability over 162 games, there Joe Kelly will be, ready and waiting to go. (I will say that Lynn's durability is not AS in question as it was last year.) Anyway.....GO CARDS!