Ring The Bell

As we wrap up spring training, I have to look back and review the things that went well, as well as the things we could have done better. Fortunately, we have been able to check many of the boxes that we needed to, in order to be ready for the start of the season. The main objective was to select the 25 men that will represent the team, and this was not an easy task. We have many players who could have made our team, and many others who showed some real potential, after they get a little more seasoning in the minors. Whether it is a young player, or a veteran, it is never a fun conversation to tell him that he is getting sent down, but most of them know what they need to work on, and if they make the most of the talent they have and the opportunities they will receive, they may be able to help us out in the future.

Another goal for the spring was to get the guys physically ready for the 162 game grind that is ahead of us. Fortunately, they all showed up in terrific physical condition, and all we needed to do was to get them into "playing shape." We ask the guys to strength train, and condition themselves over the winter months, but to slowly work their throwing arms into shape. They need to be doing some throwing, but at a slow pace that will pick up as the spring continues. We also go slow with getting their legs in game shape, by just playing a few innings at the beginning of spring, and working them up to playing full games by the end. It is a process, and many of the veterans know exactly what they need in order to be ready when the bell rings, and they all seem excited about where they are right now.

I am very proud of how hard our players, coaches, and staff worked and competed. Our trainers, clubhouse staff, and coaches put in some long days in order to get all of the guys the work they needed. The group has continued to show incredible discipline in how they prepare, and how they want to compete for each other, and the organization. I don't throw out any predictions, as I have way too much respect for the game, and for our talented opponents, but one thing that I am certain of, is this team is ready for the challenge ahead.

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    GO REDBIRDS! CARDINALS NATION! WOOO! your the man Mike, lets get that WS title this year, lets do this, We all got your back as ALWAYS, love being a St. Louis fan :)... Get at em! #stlouiscardinalsforlifenomatterwhat
  • The Day has come!

    I am so happy for the Opening Day. I hope everything goes well with my dear team, I'll be watching games in Guatemala City, each time I can. God bless you!!!
  • It's here!!

    Great read, Mike!! This is one of my favorite days of the year!! Also looking forward to watching your son play in Spfd again!! Go Cardinals!!
  • Opening Day

    Can't wait for the season to start and especially the home opener. I already have the day off and will be watching from Iowa. Good Luck!
  • I'm really proud of the team

    I'm really proud of the team this spring and I'm really exieded for the season good luck mike I hope you do well
  • #STLcards Ready for 162 game grind

    Sincere thanks to Mike Matheny for this writing and for his post game interviews, what a great guy! #BelieveAndAchieve
  • So proud to be a part of

    So proud to be a part of Cardinals Nation. Go get 'em, Mike. Happy Opening Day!!!