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  • Matheny Manifesto

    I stumbled across your book by a post Gamechanger shared on FB. The timing could not have been any more perfect. Last spring our 9 y/o son started on a 10U rec/travel team and boy were we in for a big surprise. I was so sad and disillusioned to watch how youth baseball operated around here especially at this age. I had also heard the same thing from so many other parents. Luckily, after last season our son still loves baseball but undoubtedly we will be much more particular about where and who he plays for. Your book has been such an inspiration to my husband and I. We have been promoting it to whoever will listen. I wish that I had the power to change some of the thinking here when it comes to youth sports. I will continue to try. I am just so thankful that you addressed this issue and I will continue to share your book and insight to each and every little league coach and every parent that I know.
  • Read the Book

    I don't normally read sports oriented books, in fact I have never been much of a sports person but after reading the book jacket I was intrigued. The information inside needs to be heralded through out the U.S. We are experiencing the need of turning our youth around in their attitudes of victimization, selfishness and empowerment. Kids should never be in charge, they are not capable of truly understanding the complexities of being an adult yet that is exactly what they are being cast into. Every teacher, coach and parent needs to read this book and start implementing. Otherwise I fear we will lose whole generations.
  • Thank You!

    Read the book, thank you for sharing your ideals with us all. I help coach my grandsons 10 year old Mustang team, the coach's he has had since t-ball have taught our players the same philosophy as yours. Our players recite the "5 Things" after each game, 1) Do good in School, 2) Listen to your parents, 3) Stay out of Trouble, 4) Get Good Grades, and last but not least 5) Be A Good Sport. We tell them all the time, these are the important things they learn today, baseball is a game we love, but the 5 things are the most important. I read your book and have now bought several copies for the other coaches to read and share. Good Luck this season and again, Thank You for helping us be better people, God Bless! from Windsor, Va.
  • My grandson. Kaleb.

    Yesterday We visited for more than. I had not heard of this book until this morning. From my niece. I thought it such irony and a strange coincidence that only a day before I had listened to Kaleb express his thoughts and coaching to our baseball team in Estes Park, Colo where we live.. He drives 100 miles more or less ever day to coach and drives to their games away from here as ht lives in another town. Kaleb is 23 years old and working on his degree to help his coaching and scouting which he also does With Blue. Chip Organization in Denver I plan to buy the book soon and pass it on to him when I am finished. He should be happy to read you'r Thoughts since they are so like his which he stresses over in trying to teach both the teams and three parents.. Thank you . Joy , H.