Special Day for Our Family

Mike and Tate

I spend so much time telling parents to control their high expectations for their young athletes, but I never want to forget how special it is when our kids work hard to achieve their goals. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I can’t properly describe how proud I was, while watching my oldest in a Big League uniform, taking another step toward his dream of playing at the highest level. A very special day for Tate, as well as our whole family, and a classy move by the Red Sox.

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  • Congrats Mike! It’s an

    Congrats Mike! It’s an absolute pleasure to know you and your sons. They are each strong role models that others can look up to, and that’s a testament to God working in them through you as their Dad! Thank you for setting an amazing example to follow.
  • Game

    I love this post! Very happy for you and your family.
  • Congrats!

    What a happy day for your family! God has blessed you, Skipper!